Our sessions are designed by specialists, carefully adapted to the age of the child. In the baby sessions, we have a large foil blanket, sensory toys, balls, instruments, lights… and much more so that your little one does not stop receiving information through the senses at any time!

In addition, this big foil blanket will be surrounded by different activities, related to the theme of the week and adapted to your baby’s age: messy play trays and sensory bins, courses to develop their gross motor skills, sensory lights… and much more!

At the end of the session, we can all enjoy singing songs together, playing with the parashoot and blowing up bubbles! Doesn’t it sound fun?

In a baby’s life, the age from 6 to 12 months is a time of great discovery: the child becomes a little explorer with an insatiable curiosity and need stimuli that encourage them to move around, grasp objects, discover the cause and effect relationship and communicate with others.

Thus, they begin to explore the environment through their senses and naturally discover that objects and people are something other than themselves, investigating their physical properties by touching, sucking, seeing, smelling and listening. In this way, they learn about hard and soft, cold and hot, shapes, textures and flavours.

Our classes provide the environment that children need.
A place where little ones have the opportunity to discover their new and exciting world in the company of other children, thus encouraging learning by imitation and modelling.

This is achieved through interactive sessions designed by specialists and based on the 4 key areas of development.


Stimulation of the first 'quasi-intentional' object-oriented behaviours. Self-awareness (stimulation and development of the senses) and of the environment.


Development of fine motor skills and the first pincer grasp. We prepare the little ones' bodies through exercises and obstacle games for sitting up, crawling and their first steps, among many others.


Before the child says their first words, we need to encourage/work on many other aspects such as social smiling, understanding, imitation, gestures, babbling, etc.

Social and Emotional

It is essential to attend to the emotional needs of each child. Through games and interactions with other children, we can reinforce primary emotions and different feelings that appear at this age.


Single Session

£14 / session
One SML session
45 minutes per session

Pack 2 Sessions

£12.5 / session
Total 25 pounds
45 minutes per session

Pack 4 Sessions

£11.25 / session
Total 45 pounds
45 minutes per session

Siblings Single Session

£21 / session
One SML session for 2 siblings
45 minutes per session

Siblings Pack 2 Sessions

£18.5 / session
Total 37 pounds
Two SLM sessions for two siblings
45 minutes per session

Siblings Pack 4 Sessions

£16.25 / session
Total 65 pounds
Four SLM sessions for two siblings
45 minutes per session



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