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Toni Harley

We attended our first shaping little minds session it was great! There was a range of many different activities that helped support all different areas of learning! It was my sons (10 months old) first class he had ever attended so I love the fact that the children were allowed to freely explore and I wasn't made to feel like he had to sit still for the singing and adult led parts. My daughter also attened (she's 3) and she enjoyed all the activities set out. I would recommed this session for all ages as there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Katherine Yazhari

Hey Sara. Thanks so much for opening a class in NW3 area. It's such a unique session for the little ones. Nothing like this in London, I have a 3yo boy too so have got very acquainted with all the local classes. Your session is special. I am planning to get other friends involved.

Nisha Kotecha

... My nanny tells me that she has very much enjoyed the sessions! So we will certainly become regulars 😊

Raquel C L

My daughter's favourite class 🎉❤

Christina Henrik

Always fun, Sara!! Another great session

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