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What is Gross Motor?

Gross motor development refers to the development of large muscle groups, such as those in the arms, legs, and torso. It is an important aspect of physical development for babies and toddlers, as it helps them to build strength, balance, coordination, and control of their bodies.

At Shaping Little Minds sessions, we recognize the importance of gross motor development and offer activities to support it at every stage from 6 months to 4 years old.


Here are some key milestones and ideas for each stage:

6-12 months:

At this stage, babies are learning to control their movements and exploring their surroundings.

Tummy time is a great way to encourage gross motor development, as it helps babies to build strength in their neck and upper body.

Other activities include rolling, crawling, and reaching for toys.

1-2 years old:

As toddlers gain more control over their bodies, they begin to walk, run, and climb.

Activities that support gross motor development at this stage include playing with balls, jumping, and crawling through tunnels.

We also incorporate dancing and movement games to encourage coordination and balance.

2-3 years old:

At this stage, toddlers are refining their motor skills and becoming more adventurous in their movements.

Activities that support gross motor development at this stage include riding tricycles, playing catch, and climbing on play structures.

We also incorporate activities that require balance, such as walking on a balance beam or jumping from one spot to another.

3-4 years old:

As preschoolers prepare for more structured physical activities, such as team sports, they continue to refine their gross motor skills.

Activities that support gross motor development at this stage include playing tag, throwing and catching balls, and jumping rope.

We also incorporate activities that require more complex coordination, such as hopscotch and obstacle courses.


Working on gross motor development from a young age has many benefits for children. It helps to build strength and coordination, improve balance and posture, and develop spatial awareness. It also supports overall physical health and can even have a positive impact on cognitive development.

At Shaping Little Minds, we always incorporate a gross motor activity into our sessions to support the physical development of our little ones.

We believe that building a strong foundation of gross motor skills will help children to lead active, healthy lives and be better prepared for future physical activities.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our sessions and how we support gross motor development, please visit our website or come visit us for a session.

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