What is “Early Stimulation”?

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Human beings are born precocious and cognitive development is accelerated during the first years of life. It is at this stage that the plasticity of the brain and the capacity to learn is immense, it is very important to take advantage of this and offer children adequate stimulation to enhance their cognitive, social, motor and emotional development.

As the brain is in the process of maturing, and by offering the right stimuli, we contribute to establishing a strong and extensive network of neural connections.

Early stimulation consists of a group of techniques for the development of skills and abilities of the youngest children.

By means of certain exercises and games, we strengthen the brain functions for the formation of these neural pathways, thus helping the little ones through the repetition of information.

That is to say, the sequential and systematic repetition of exercises or activities reinforces the infant’s neurological bases, enhancing their motor, cognitive, emotional, individual and social development.

With early stimulation for infants, we contribute to the strengthening of the processes of formation of their brain structures, enabling them to reach their maximum potential

If you are interested in Early Stimulation for your child and live in London, feel free to book a class here:

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