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At Shaping Little Minds, we’re all about igniting young imaginations while ensuring that every moment is a stepping stone for growth and development.


6-12 months old


1 - 2 years old

Over 2's

2 - 4 years old

Age-Appropriate Fun

Our sessions are designed for children aged 6 months to 4 years, ensuring that each activity caters to their unique needs and stages of development

Play-Based Enrichment

We're not your typical playgroup. Our mission is to nurture creativity, curiosity, and confidence through play-based learning. Children have the freedom to choose where and what they want to explore, becoming the architects of their own learning journey.

Serious About Development

Behind the laughter and smiles, we take child development seriously. Each session is thoughtfully planned, following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. It's education in disguise, with your child as the star.

Storytelling Magic

Every session begins with an enchanting interactive story, setting the stage for the adventure that awaits. As their minds tune in, your little ones are primed for a world of exploration and wonder.

A Universe of Stations

Our sessions feature a world of stations to cater to diverse interests and ages. From our energetic Gross Motor Circuit to the treasures of the Sensory Bin, Messy Play, Homemade Playdough, Arts and Crafts, and mind-engaging Cognitive Activities – the possibilities are endless.

Bubble Time and Beyond

We wrap up each session with laughter during Bubble Time, where we sing, dance, and explore instruments. It's the perfect end to a morning of discovery. Then, it's time to relax and reflect, all while having a blast!


Play is a powerful tool for learning, and each station offers a unique opportunity for exploration and growth

These stations are carefully designed to provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for your child, fostering their physical, sensory, creative, and cognitive development.

Gross Motor Circuit

A space for active play, where kids can run, jump, and climb.

Sensory Bin

An exploration station filled with various textures, colors, and objects.

Messy Play

A creative zone where children can get messy with materials like paint, sand, and water.

Homemade Playdough

An area for sculpting and molding with homemade playdough.

Arts and Crafts

A creative space for crafting and artistic expression.

Cognitive Activity

A station focused on age-appropriate puzzles, games, and educational activities.


These additional elements complement our playgroup's core stations and contribute to a well-rounded and enriching experience for your child.

We believe in nurturing not only their physical, sensory, and cognitive development but also their emotional and social growth, making every session a holistic learning adventure.

Interactive Story/Game (Beginning)

The session begins with an engaging interactive story or game related to the weekly theme. It’s a magical journey that captures children’s imaginations and sets the stage for exploration.

Bubble and Music Time (End)

A lively and fun-filled session where children gather for bubble play, singing, dancing, and exploring musical instruments.

Relaxing Time (End)

A calm and soothing moment where children wind down with a quiet melody and feathers to brush them around, preparing them for the transition out of the playgroup.

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